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A Chorus of Disapproval by Alan Ayckbourn

Critic's Comments

"I suppose I should come clean and say a play by Alan Ayckbourn is not high on my list of favourite ways to spend an evening. This is not to deny he can write sparkling dialogue at times, he has a wicked eye for detail and he is adept at pinpointing our more absurd idiosyncrasies. He is not good at fairly rounded characterizations though, which probably betrays my preference for good meaty dramas.

However, having read the script, my appetite was considerably whetted, Here was a thoroughly professional, renowned writer devoting his talents to portraying amateur theatre in a way that was accurate, comical and, perhaps most important of all, not in the least bit patronizing towards his subject. And sure enough there were many characters and incidents in the script to cause us to remember past occasions and blush!

Added to this was the fact this was my first visit to Moulsham Lodge Community Centre and the drama group, so I was very much looking forward to the performance and found a lot to enjoy during the evening.

A Chorus of Disapproval was one of those performances in which there are many good solo performances, but which somehow doesn't gel when put together as a whole. I left the theatre with of a good production being so near - yet not quite there. It is certainly a very difficult piece for amateurs to stage, and it is to the credit of the group that they did so. Perhaps it was just one of those nights! But I certainly enjoyed the evening as a whole and top marks for doing it! Thank you for inviting me."
              John Folkard-North West Essex Theatre Guild

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