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2002 Productions:-

Stalker Beware by Ron Hutson

Critic's Comments:-

"There is no sense in denying the very considerable pleasure in theatregoing at Moulsham Lodge was severely curtailed by the choice of play I was to see! I mean no disrespect to Mr Hutson, who may already know something of my taste anyway, but the fact is plays like this have been going for years and years.

I am truly sorry I can't be more enthusiastic than I have been, but I can't beat about the bush or I'm wasting everybody's time. However, the important thing is that the audience plainly enjoyed themselves, so a minority of one in their midst needn't be too upsetting. But I certainly agree with the chairman's remarks in the programme: "It is a challenge, and often a risk to take on a new or different play, but it is for all of us an exciting challenge. We have done it with Ron's two plays, with 'Charlie' and even with Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'."

Your list of past productions is impressive, and underlines how much the group is dedicated to upholding live theatre in Moulsham. For that you deserve heartiest congratulations.

And yes, I
do mean it, thanks for inviting me again this evening"
              John Folkard-North West Essex Theatre Guild


"Phoenix is lucky to have a talented local playwright who not only wrote this comedy, but directed it as well, although billed as a farce, Ron Hutson has crafted a witty, urbane comedy that owes more to Boeing, Boeing than to Brian Rix and kept the audience highly amused.

It employs the usual set of mistaken identities - a hapless male set upon by jealous, predatory and hysterical females (in that order).

'No playwright,' wrote Ron Hutson in his introduction, 'could ask more than to have his work produced by such a talented group as this' "         Jim Hutchon-Weekly News

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