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Home is Where Your Clothes Are by Anthony Marriott and Bob Grant

Critic's Comments

"I am not a great lover of farce as I find the business involved too unrealistic if not silly and some character's behaviour unbelievable. However I relish seeing action at a breakneck speed with quick-fire dialogue and laughing at ridiculous antics on stage. The text of the play filled me with some unease: it is highly improbable and hinged on the central character enormously. I had an enjoyable evening at Moulsham and although it didn't change my thoughts about farce, I felt that Phoenix had produced a very pleasing entertainment.

Keeping up the pace when there are constant entrances and exits along with copious business is not for the faint hearted and the director had a good stab at this. The cast were chosen well, they looked right; good dynamics towards each other were very evident but I feel that the greatest problem was in the choice of play. It is too improbable and eventually trite.

However the cast were sure with their words and most moves and obviously enjoyed bringing out as much humour as possible. The sensitivity in timing important moments was good; the Major trying to stop Philip entering the bathroom, the build up to the "galloping Major" that ended Act 1 and the best moment of all in Act 2 when the phone rang and Jill, Philip and the Major all raced to answer it.

Although there were obvious stars in this play, it is the dynamics of the whole cast and the sensitivity to the needs of the whole group that made this evening so effective. This is highly commendable"
              Tricia Stephens-North West Essex Theatre Guild

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