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Out of Sight-Out of Murder by Fred Carmichael

Critic's Comments

"This murder-mystery play was a winner of the Vermont State Playwright Contest so I was looking forward to a winning performance of this play. I wasn't disappointed and came away from this first night with many feelings of pleasure, not only from the play itself but also from the superb atmosphere created in the hall.

This was a very fine evening's entertainment that had obviously been conceived and created with thought and precision and the director should be proud of her work. The relaxed style that most actors portrayed within their roles showed their confidence in the piece, together with the beautifully crafted stage pictures that is essential in this type of drama. Effective entrances were held to give the audience time to understand or laugh, and the cast moved around the set to build the necessary focus in a very competent way. The beginning of each scene was particularly well staged, especially the eating at the beginning of Act 2 Sc 2. and the clinched climax of "The butler did it!" was magnificently positioned

The humour was brought out wonderfully with many of the cast enunciating the words with marked intonation, using impressive pauses or accentuated moves and facial gestures that "milked" the moment for all its laughter and gave us a hugely enjoyable time"
              Tricia Stephens-North West Essex Theatre Guild

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